I am Madeline Newsome, and I am in the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program at NC State! This program is supported by Chancellor and Mrs. Woodson and the Shelton Leadership Center of NC State. Thanks to these amazing people I have been presented with unbelievable opportunities that have allowed me to grow and develop over the past two years I have been apart of the program along with giving me great friends and mentors.


This program has allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Coming from a very rural county, I came to NC State unsure of myself and my abilities, but through this program I have been able to prove my strengths as well as conquer my fears. While I used to be very shy and introverted, I have become more outgoing because of how this program has pushed me to try new things. I have also become more individualistic as the diversity of the members of the program has allowed me to recognize my uniqueness. I have gained professional skills through multiple opportunities with the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program, such as etiquette training, and having responsibilities to communicate and contribute to the program.